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H.H. Holmes

Have you ever wondered who America’s first official serial killer was? Historians say H. H. Holmes, an American-born con artist and trickster, was the first known serial killer in the United States.

Keep reading to learn what our team of personal injury lawyers at the law offices of Robert J. Debry & Associates learned about one of the world’s most famous serial killers.

Who was H. H. Holmes?

  1. H. Holmes went by at least two names while he was alive. We know him as H. H. Holmes and Herman Mudgett, born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, to a wealthy family in May 1861.

Holmes showed early signs of having killer instincts when he trapped and killed animals at a young age. Historians say his primary motivation for killing his victims could have been life insurance payouts.

While there is some speculation about whether Holmes caused the death of one of his childhood friends, his murderous activities once he moved to Chicago around 1886 cleared up any doubts about his capabilities.

H. H. Holmes Victims

Holmes revealed a treacherous personality by killing scores of local area women. He lured women in for the kill with promises of marriage that resulted in him being named as the primary beneficiary on the victim’s insurance policies.

Historians say many of his victims signed insurance policies declaring Mudgett, aka “Holmes,” as the sole beneficiary on their policies.

After being convicted of insurance fraud and killing several people, including men and women, authorities eventually jailed Holmes and sentenced him to death by hanging in Philadelphia.

Holmes admitted to killing at least 27 people before he died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1896.

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