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About the Killer Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan is a deceased spree killer who murdered five people in three months, including famous Italian clothes designer Gianni Versace. Andrew’s reign of terror lasted from April to July of 1997. If you have a loved one who was the victim of a spree killer, you should contact a wrongful death lawyer from Robert J DeBry & Associates for assistance.

Childhood Andrew

Andrew was brilliant in school and aced many IQ tests but was also known as a pathological liar who enjoyed telling stories and changing his appearance, skills he would later use. By 15, he was disguising himself to visit gay bars and clubs where he would seduce rich older men. After high school in 1987, Andrew headed to UC San Diego to study American History.

Adult Andrew

He moved to San Francisco after leaving college. Andrew was soon selling and heavily taking drugs like cocaine, opioids, and alcohol. Jeffrey Trail, and David Madson, became his lovers, but both relationships ended quickly, and they would be his first two kills.

After discovering Trail and Madson were together behind Andrew’s back, all three went to Trail’s apartment for mediation, where Andrew burst Trail’s head with a hammer. While on the run with Madson, Andrew pulled while driving and shot him. 

Andrew went on to kill Lee Miglin in Chicago and then William Reese in New Jersey for other reasons, including enjoying the killing spree. His last murder was of famous designer Gianni Versace at his home in Miami Beach.

Andrew killed himself on a houseboat in July 1997. 

Each of the murders committed by Cunanan is considered wrongful death. When this occurs, you can hire a wrongful death lawyer. A wrongful death lawyer will stand by you and your family to help receive justice for the murder committed. 

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