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Wrongful Death: Auto Accidents


The second most common cause of wrongful death comes from car accidents. Unlike medical malpractice or unintentional poisoning, those who have been wronged in an auto accident can be individuals with perfect health and participate in zero substance abuse. Wrongful death in a car wreck has no restrictions, it may take the life of anyone of any age. These accidents range from your typical car and truck accident to bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Considering transportation is vital for the function of society, drivers should be expected to do everything they can to be alert while they are on the road. After all is said and done, usually a fatal wreck is out of the control of those who suffer and that is the reason you may want to look to a wrongful death lawyer for help.

There are car accident lawyers for the typical accident, but when it involves the death of a loved one and your way of life is impacted negatively, a wrongful death lawyer will be able to guide your steps going forward. 

While everyone in our society uses the road to get to work, school, the grocery store, a restaurant, a family member’s, a friend’s, the park, soccer practice, the gym, a water park, the city offices and more, drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike will use roads where others before them have lost their lives. As we listen to music, sports radio, the news, or talk with those in the car, there seems to be no need for concern because everything is normal and routine. This all changes when an accident happens and we find ourselves in a surreal circumstance we would never imagine. Leading up to that point, there can be so many different variables that add up to the end result of an accident.

Whether you are driving a sedan, a large truck, motor scooter, or walking across a pedestrian crosswalk, the actions of another can sneak up on you or a loved one. The most common causes of accidents include following too close to another vehicle, failing to yield the right-of-way, and speeding, but driving under the influence and driving distracted, along with the already mentioned failing to yield and speeding, are some of the most frequent causes of fatal accidents. 

In Utah, speeding accidents involve a fatality about 17 percent of the time, failing to yield accident are about 12 percent , DUIs are eight percent, and distracted driving accidents are around seven percent. These incidents are easily avoidable. Either a car accident lawyer or wrongful death lawyer will be able to prove the negligence of the opposing driver without much trouble. However, again, a wrongful death lawyer will focus more on the loss that results from the accident.


The best way to avoid a fatal accident is by practicing safe driving. Whether you feel that you are a safe driver or if you feel that you could do better, by nature, individual’s minds will often reset or go to autopilot when we get behind the wheel—similar to drivers putting the car on cruise control—however, it is critical that drivers do not let this happen. Each time you step into your vehicle, you have the responsibility to not only drive safely in order to protect yourself, but also those around you. Car wrecks are called accidents because typically no one intends for them to happen, and by being alert and practicing preventative driving techniques, the number of wrongful deaths in this category could see a significant reduction. 

Instead of slipping into autopilot, drivers need to flip the paradigm and immediately feel cautious as they set out on the road. Buckling the seat belt is probably second nature by now, but that should be a trigger of warning that lives are truly at risk. Some of the things that a wrongful death lawyer will advise are to drive courteous and defensively, and avoid other seemingly harmless activities that you do as you drive.

Courteous drivers do not get provoked by others on the road; instead of negatively reacting to the poor driving of others, a courteous driver will simply adjust their travel even if it sacrifices some of their time. In the end, everyone will agree that a life is more important than work, an interview, a rehearsal, or the beginning of some form of entertainment, but that needs to be remembered while driving. If you get cut off or see someone coming up fast behind you in a lane you want to maneuver into, it is better to yield—even if you have the right-of-way—rather than risk an accident. 

Defensive driving is about looking out for other drivers on the road and their poor practice. Staying alert, being cautious of mistakes, and ultimately avoiding dangerous driving habits such as speeding, following too close, failing to yield, and participating in other activities as you drive. Yes, people will listen to the radio, a book and other passengers as they drive, but other types of multitasking that take your focus from the road should never happen; there is no place for things like texting, watching a video, doing makeup, changing clothes, or eating a meal while driving, not to mention, consuming alcohol before driving. These activities sabotage your focus and put others at serious risk. Just because you’ve gotten away with in the past does not make it safe. It is better to learn that lesson rather than learning it after an accident occurs.

Being a courteous and defensive driver takes patience. It does not mean you have to drive slow, but instead, simply avoid trying to multitask, imposing your driving style and will onto others.

Unfortunately, as mentioned before, even if you practice safe habits you cannot control everything. Right now, the national average of fatal wrecks is around 40-50,000 each year. Wrongful death lawyers see too many families put into hard situations when they lose the head of the household or the parent who spends the most time watching, feeding, driving, and raising the kids. Yet, driving is something society relies on. Before relying on the assistance of a wrongful death lawyer or attorney, you can help yourself and others by leading by example as you drive and making sure others understand the importance of safe driving when you are their passenger.

If you are in an accident or lose someone you love in an accident, the car accident attorneys and wrongful death lawyers at Robert J. DeBry and Associates are eager to help you.


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