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Emotional Stages After Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one might be one of the worst things ever. Having your loved one die because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness can make it even worse. How do you cope with the loss of a loved one when it wasn’t even their fault that they died? Something you probably won’t be thinking about during the grieving process of your loved one is whether or not you need a wrongful death lawyer. Hiring a wrongful death lawyer can help you get some justice for your loss, but it can and will still be hard.

Grief is grief no matter which way you look at it and losing your loved one will be hard. When a loved one is involved in a wrongful death it can be extra painful because wrongful death means it was simply an accident—something preventable. This is especially hard for people if the guilty party avoiding negligence, then there would be no loss.

An overwhelming emotion people often feel when dealing with wrongful death is anger and rage, and when it comes with grieving, there really are no set rules. There are, however, five stages of grieving that people go through. The first stage is denial. This is when you are in shock and feel like you can’t go on. It is normal to feel this way and it will get better. The next stage is anger. Especially present in a wrongful death, you can become angry at everything in life—especially the person or thing that caused the death of your loved one. Bargaining is the next stage of grief. This is where if you believe in God or a higher power, you start praying, Hard. After this, depression, the fourth stage, sets in. You often feel super empty and alone during this stage. Though it isn’t fun at all, depression is one of the final stages you have to go through before healing all the way. The last stage is acceptance. It doesn’t come easy, and it definitely takes time. But acceptance will come eventually and you will be able to start to live again. Going through the five stages of grief isn’t a fun or easy process. It can take really long for some people, while others are able to move on much faster. In the end though, going through this tough process will eventually lead to you accepting the loss of your loved one.

Though it may not be your first instinct, hiring a wrongful death lawyer after an accident is truly helpful. Though the wrongful death lawyer may not be able to personally make your grief any better, they can make the whole court case easier and be able to help get justice for your loved one. They can help you win money in court to pay for any bills you acquired during the experience. Anytime you or someone you know is involved in a wrongful death incident, calling a wrongful death lawyer should be one of the first things to do to keep yourself protected.


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