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This Is What You Should Know About Your Brain Injury

You’d be surprised to find that a violent blow to your head from a car accident can cause a traumatic brain injury. Even a mild jolt to your head can affect your brain cells. Moreover, traumatic brain injuries are responsible for more than 50 000 annual deaths in America. As a result, having a personal injury attorney by your side should you get involved in an accident is essential. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, you can find an attorney who’s ideal for you. Keep on reading to find out more about brain injuries and compensation following a personal injury.

What are the Types of Brain Injuries?

Before you decide to look for a personal injury attorney to help you with your compensation following a possible brain injury, you should know these three common types of traumatic brain injuries.


This can have a severe impact on your head. Generally, it’s caused by your brain hitting hard against your skull. This leads to temporary loss of function that can be permanent if the concussions are repeated.


Have you ever wondered what happens when your brain swells? Your skull can’t accommodate any swelling. As a result, pressure builds up. This causes your brain to press against your skull.


Sometimes a brain injury can cause uncontrollable bleeding. This can be in the space between your brain or your brain tissue. If left untreated, the blood can cause pressure buildup in your brain.

Compensation for a Brain Injury

Since there are various brain injuries, they’re generally categorized as traumatic or non-traumatic brain injuries. Your claim should be calculated according to the circumstances of your injury. However, brain injuries can occur in other ways. For instance, internal or external factors can cause a brain injury in your infant.

In summary, finding a reliable personal injury attorney should be your priority. Call 801-699-9999 or visit our website today.

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