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Personal Injury: Sport Injuries

Unknown to many people, personal injury is not just about car accidents. These injuries can happen at home or on a sports field. While we all love to participate in sports, it comes with an inherent risk of being injured. Injuries sustained while participating in sports can be devastating to the athlete. They can halt a great career.

However, these injuries are often overlooked. Thankfully, having a personal injury lawyer like Robert J. DeBry & Associates would ensure that your interests are catered for until you are back on your feet. The primary sources of sports are:

  • Accidents.
  • Negligence.
  • Defective products and dangerous facilities.

1. Accidents

These include anything from bumps and bruises to broken bones. Most sports injuries are caused by several factors, including reckless behavior or failure to train properly or comply with a particular sport’s rules (this can be true when someone aggressively tackles an opponent beyond stipulated parameters).

2. Negligence (Duty of Care)

Typically, personal injuries in sports occur due to the negligence of another person or even the club or team. Additionally, a sports injury can be caused when there is willful and wanton conduct on the part of another person who should have taken reasonable care to prevent such personal injury.

3. Defective Products and Dangerous Facilities

Defective products or dangerous facilities are a potential source of personal injuries in sports. For example, the use of defective athletic equipment can cause personal injuries. Additionally, personal injury may occur in sports when there is a failure to provide or maintain a reasonably safe environment for athletes.

When to consult a personal injury lawyer

If you have sustained a personal injury while participating in any sport, you can claim compensation. A personal injury lawyer will fight for your rights so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries. If you’ve been injured playing a sport, don’t hesitate to contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates for a free consultation.

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