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What You Need to Know About Pedestrian Safety

Going for a walk is a simple thing for exercise or fresh air and is enjoyable. Do not forget the simple rules of pedestrian safety. Accidents can happen, and when they do, an attorney is essential. Robert J. DeBry & Associates, a personal injury attorney, is quite versed in pedestrian accidents.


Remember to hold your kid’s hand when you decide to cross the street. Cross the road where there are crosswalks in the intersections. Teaching a child about not running into the street without looking both ways is vital. This will avoid the need for a personal injury lawyer. Instruct children on the risks.

The Law

The need to follow the law and use a crosswalk keeps pedestrians safe. Read up on pedestrians’ rules and regulations if these laws have been forgotten from any police station to avoid accidents. The offices of Robert J. DeBry & Associates do not wish injury on anyone.

These lawyers are educated and experienced in any such personal injury accidents if they might occur. Getting healed from a pedestrian accident is the client’s job, and compensation for pain and discomfort is the attorney’s job.


Pay attention while walking or jogging where there is no sidewalk and must walk on the road. The safest way to walk or jog on the road is to walk or run facing traffic. Stay alert and walk as far as possible away from the road and automobiles.

Try to make eye contact with drivers, so they are aware of your presents. Make sure you wear bright clothing so vehicles can see someone walking on the road, especially at night.

If An Accident Occurs

Be safe, be aware, and be alert. If there is an accident, have peace of mind that Robert J. DeBry and Associates will be on your side.

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