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Pedestrian Laws In Utah

The Utah Department of Public Safety – Highway Safety Division reported at least one-thousand accidents involving pedestrians in 2016. The Department of Public Safety reported that the most pedestrian accidents in Utah happened when one party or the other failed to yield the right of way.

Being cautious on the roads includes understanding Pedestrian Laws in Utah.

Pedestrian Safety Laws In Utah

Jaywalking – It is unlawful to cross the street outside of marked crosswalks. Crossing the street outside of marked areas can result in an accident or severe injury.

When driving, motorists focused on the roadway may not see pedestrians crossing outside of marked crosswalks and designated crossing areas.

Reference: (41-6a-1003)

Diagonal Street Crossing Prohibited – According to the Highway Safety Department, pedestrians may not cross the street diagonally unless there is a specific signal for it.

As in the example above, motorists aren’t expecting to see a pedestrian darting out from between two parked cars.

Reference: (41-6a-1003)

Must Use Sidewalk – They required Utah State residents to use a sidewalk (whenever one is available). Using sidewalks can reduce the time that motorists and pedestrians spend sharing crowded roadways.

Reference: (41-6a-1009)

To learn more about pedestrian safety laws in Utah visit Laws for Pedestrians and Motorists.

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