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What is the Timeline for Filing a Lawsuit?

A Personal Injury Attorney and the Filing Timeline

After a personal injury has occurred, you need to start working with a personal injury attorney right away. There are timelines about when you can file, and if you miss these, you will miss out on the chance to claim at all. A personal injury attorney will be able to help walk you through this process.

If you plan to file a lawsuit, there are a few steps that will happen. 

Some of these include:

  • The pleading stage: This is when the plaintiff will file the complaint that starts the lawsuit. This should tell the courts the grounds the plaintiff is working with. The defendant will get time to respond.


  • Discovery: During this time, both parties will answer questions and show any information about the case, so the lawyers are on the same page from the beginning.


  • Depositions: Once both attorneys have the chance to review the documents, they can ask questions for relevant witnesses to help. Everyone must be honest in this case.


  • Summary judgment: Often, the parties can come to some sort of agreement here without having to go to court. This saves both sides a lot of time and money. A personal injury attorney can walk you through this and get you the favorable results that you want.


  • Trial: If negotiations are not successful, then the timeline will move over to a trial. This is where both parties will present their evidence, and the judge can decide on the case before closing it up.

If you are looking at filing a lawsuit, it is important to have a good personal injury attorney by your side. Our team at Robert J. DeBry & Associates is here to help you get all the paperwork in and get it all done on time. 

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