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Is My Car Accident Considered Major or Minor?

Car Accident? Consider Looking for Car Accident Lawyers

Any car accident could be considered major. This all depends on the following events directly after a car accident. However, some accidents appear to be minor or major at first glance. If you have gotten in an automobile accident and have medical or financial issues afterward, you’ll need to find trustworthy car accident lawyers in your area. Robert J. Debry and associates can help you with automobile accidents and much more. 

What Distinguishes a Major Car Accident and a Minor One?

A car accident is a cause, and the effect is what happens after. What happens after is the key to distinguishing a major car accident from a minor one. How you handle yourself afterward will also affect how your case is perceived and dealt with—garnering the help of car accident lawyers after a car accident is always helpful.

There are three major factors to take into account when distinguishing the severity of a car accident. If you have unfortunately gotten into a car accident and aren’t sure whether this could be considered major or minor, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is My Vehicle Damaged? 
  • Do I need Medical Attention? 
  • Have I or will I suffer a financial loss because of this?

Vehicle Damage

Having insurance is essential for all parties involved in an accident. If the accident was one parties’ fault, the insurance companies could take care of the damage done. Even if the only damage done was a small scratch, the insurance companies that have to take the fault will cover the cost. A small scratch is considered minor damage, however. Major vehicle damage will either keep you from driving your car legally, comfortably or if at all.

Medical Attention

Medical issues that stem from a car accident are hard to diagnose. Seeking medical attention after a car accident is important because it may take several hours or even days before the symptoms show up. Both small and major scale accidents could cause injury. After an accident, contact trustworthy car accident lawyers to help you decide whether or not a medical assessment is necessary and when to do so.

Financial Loss

If the car accident caused you to lose out on something financial, you should contact your local car accident lawyer for urgent consultation and reconciliation. Robert J. Derby & Associates will assist you throughout the entire process. Contact us for car accident victim representation today.

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