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What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance bad faith arises when an insurance company denies your claim. Individuals pay for the insurance to get protection against economic losses arising from personal injuries or property damages. Have you Experienced Insurance Bad Faith? Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney to help you file a claim.

Insurance Bad Faith

In the event of a tragedy, the insurance company should cover your losses. However, the insurance company may act in bad faith when it fails to meet its obligations to you. The duty of good faith requires the insurance to treat its policyholders fairly and in good faith. There are some instances where an insurer uses unreasonable delays or deceptive practices to avoid paying for the claim.

Bad faith occurs concerning either first-party insurance claims or third-party. First-party insurance bad faith often involves the insurer’s improper investigation or refusal to pay a claim. On the other hand, third-party situations involve liability insurance, and it must defend its policyholders in good faith.

Some common examples of insurance bad faith include refusal to settle claims, failure to investigate claims or unreasonable delays to pay your claim. When the insurance company acts in bad faith, you have a right to seek legal representation from an experienced personal injury attorney.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

When the insurance company rejects your petition, you may try to explore other options. You can ask the insurer to review and investigate the petition or to write its decision of the claim in writing. This makes it easier for you to sue them. You’ll have to record the details of the conversation as well as the personal details of the person who reviewed your case.

Your personal injury attorney can review the documentation regarding your claim. By working with such an attorney, you can get advice and guidance to resolve your case. Your attorney can request the insurance company to give the claim file and its claim manual to build evidence to prove its bad faith acts. Therefore, if you believe an insurance company is denying your claim, consult a personal injury attorney to help you get the payment you’re entitled to.

Get the Help You Need

At Robert J. Debry & Associates, we offer comprehensive personal injury cases. You can book an appointment with our personal injury attorneys to get the compensation you need.

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