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Pursuing a Wrong Diagnosis Claim

Seek Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many diseases have related symptoms. The consequences can be severe when a doctor fails to meet professional standards when diagnosing a disease or illness. For instance, missed vascular issues, infections, and cancers account for about 75 percent of serious harm resulting from incorrect diagnosis. A personal injury lawyer can help you pursue a wrong diagnosis claim successfully. Below are the steps lawyers typically follow when pursuing a wrong diagnosis claim.

Determining You Received Bad Advice from the Medical Worker

When incorrect medical advice occurs and leads to injury, medical practitioners should be held responsible for the mistake. Many times, patients visit the health care center when they’re seriously ill, which may make the doctors latch onto information, even when their insight may be wrong. A personal injury attorney can help you determine if your doctor has been providing incorrect information, leading to your medical troubles.

Making Claim Notifications

With the help of your lawyer, you can report to the insurance company that a loss has occurred and that you expect to be compensated for the same.

Providing the Insurance Company with Evidence

After arranging for you to have a comprehensive medical examination done by an approved doctor, the lawyer will secure the right information to present it in the court as evidence.

The lawyer will obtain sufficient information about your injury, your treatment, and even your recovery. They may also help determine the extent of your losses and expenses.

Settling Negotiations

In this stage, the health care provider, in presence of your lawyer, will ascertain whether or not you suffered as a result of their incorrect diagnosis. They should also acknowledge if the expenses and losses were fairly evaluated.

Court Assessment

If the doctor fails to negotiate outside court, your personal injury lawyer will work with you through the administrative process and organize the paperwork needed to ensure your misdiagnosis claim gets to court, where it will be dealt with fairly.

Receiving the Compensation

At the end of the litigation process, you may receive your payment, which reflects the losses, expenses, suffering, and inconveniences caused by the doctor.

If you experience serious personal injury as a result of a wrong diagnosis, you are entitled to compensation. Contact a personal injury lawyer at Robert J. Debry & Associates for the successful pursuit of a wrong diagnosis claim.

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