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What Does ‘Drowsy Driving’ Mean?

Drowsy driving is a big problem when it comes to road safety. When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while drowsy, they increase the risk of accidents at the same time. This can happen when a driver has not slept enough but is also possible that sleeping disorders, drinking alcohol, and medications can result in drowsy driving.

Once someone gets behind the wheel of a car and starts drowsy driving, it is possible that you will need a car accident attorney. In fact, drowsy driving causes an annual average of:

  1. 83,000 crashes
  2. 886 fatal crashes
  3. 37,000 injury crashes

These are conservative estimates on the damage to driving drowsy and do not consider other property damage that could come up while the driver is under this condition. These accidents can happen at any time of the day or not, though they are more common during the evening.

It is common for a driver to get behind the wheel and drive when they are tired. They may be getting off from a long shift at work or need to run the kids on some errands. They assume that they are fine. Research proves that sleepy driving can make a driver less attentive, slow the reaction time of the driver, and affects their ability to make smart decisions on the road. All of these factors make it more likely that the driver will cause an accident and they will need to use a car accident attorney to help them after the accident.

When you are a victim of drowsy driving, it is important to get the right car accident attorney on your side. Our team at Robert J. DeBry & Associates is here to help. We have the experience necessary to take on your case and make sure that you get the best results in your case. Contact us today to get started.

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