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Winter Driving Safety Tips

With winter driving conditions occurring in the months of November-March drivers should be aware, and cautious. Being prepared should reduce the chances of a car accident, which in turn, should reduce the chances of you needing a car accident lawyer. 

How Can You Drive Safely During the Winter?

Here are some suggestions for winter driving safety according to The New York Times:

Carry an Emergency Kit

Individuals should prepare for an emergency by carrying an emergency kit in their vehicles. This includes blankets, warm clothing, extra food and water, medication, a flashlight, a glass scraper, and more.

Make Sure that the Tires Are Right

The tires should have plenty of treads while being properly inflated. Even so, it is sensible to carry a spare tire in case the vehicle encounters something unexpected. Additionally, snow tires may be needed.

Driving Slow

There is less traction on snow and ice. Due to this, people should drive slower than normal. Similarly, they should both accelerate and decelerate slowly so that they won’t lose control of their vehicle.

Maintain More Following Distance

People should maintain a following distance of five to six seconds when driving in winter. It takes more time to slow down with winter driving conditions, so this increased margin of safety is extremely important.

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