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Utah Traffic Death 2022 Statistics According to the Department of Transportation

The Utah Highway Patrol and Department of Transportation have released preliminary traffic statistics based on the fatality data for 2022. These reports are dated January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022.

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2022 Road Accident Statistics in Utah

Data collected, analyzed, and reviewed by the Utah Highway Patrol team states that from January 1 through December 5, 2022, a total of 55,299 collisions were registered in Utah. The overall number of crashes on Utah’s roads and highways is almost constant with that of the previous year.

The research also found an upsurge in pedestrian and child mortality while decreasing in every other data category. The overall statistics include information obtained from around Utah and show 320 deaths on Utah roadways in 2022, a reduction from 332 fatalities in 2021. According to a press announcement, the following people passed away as a result of car accidents in 2022:

  • 33 teenagers
  • 12 kids ranging from 0 to 9 years old
  • 87 collisions caused by speed
  • 140 instances involving intoxication
  • 73 unrestricted individuals

Significantly fewer persons were driving themselves in fatal accidents. The 320 deaths included 202 motorists, 53 pedestrians, 50 motorcyclists, and 15 bicycles. There were 243 men and 77 women who passed away. If you or your loved one are a car accident victim, call a car accident lawyer to help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Safety Measures to Reduce Accidents

To curb and reduce accidents, the Utah Department of Transportation emphasizes the following safety measures:

  • Despite the mileage, season, automobile, or time of day, commit to always using a seat belt
  • Parents must educate their children on safe pedestrian practices such as wearing luminous clothing and taking a secure path to school
  • Examine the traffic regulations, such as zipper merges and correct train crossings. Cross the train tracks only when the lights have stopped flashing, not after the barriers have been erected
  • When the driving conditions are excellent, stick to the legal speed and alter your pace when the roads become wet, snowy, or slippery to assist you in maintaining control
  • Before proceeding, motorists should come to a complete stop and check at junctions
  • When making a turn or changing lanes, always use your turn signal

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