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5 Tips to Stay Awake When Driving

Drowsy driving does not get as much attention as driving while intoxicated, but it is just as much of a hazard. According to the CDC, approximately one in 25 adults says they have fallen asleep behind the wheel. At Robert J. Debry & Associates, we understand the dangers of drowsy driving and have provided the following tips to help drivers avoid accidents:

1. Prevention is the Best Approach

Doing everything to get a good night’s sleep should be a priority anytime you will be driving in the near future. 

2. Frequent Stops and Walks

When driving for long distances, stop frequently in well-lit areas, get out of your vehicle and take a walk. Do this as soon as you can after you start to feel drowsy. By breaking up your drive, you can ensure you refresh yourself throughout your trip.

3. Snack Frequently

Another way to help stay awake is to snack. Just 100 calories can wake you up enough to stay awake through a drive. 

4. Plan Your Drives

Your body is used to a routine of being awake and then sleeping. Plan your trip around this routine and drive when you are normally awake and your body will tend to stay awake. Conversely, if you drive when you are normally asleep, your body will tend to want to rest.

5. Wipe Your Face

You can refresh your face with wet wipes enough to stay awake through a drive. Do this every time you start to fall asleep.

Lack of sleep can be deadly. You must be well-rested and prepared to drive long distances. In case of an accident, a car accident attorney from Robert J. Debry & Associates is ready to help. 


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