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Utah’s Distracted Driving Laws 2021

Utah alone experiences roughly 55,000 car accidents each year. Research shows that distracted driving plays some role. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, a car accident attorney from Robert J. DeBry & Associates may help you.  

The following are Utah’s distracted driving laws of 2021:

No Texting and Driving 

In Utah, the laws on distracted driving prohibit drivers from operating their phones to send, read, or write text messages.

The law does not allow Utah drivers to type anything on any electronic keyboards. This includes typing phone numbers immediately before a hands-free call.

Wireless Devices

Utah’s 2021 distracted driving laws prohibit drivers from accessing the internet directly using their hands. Utah’s distracted driving law prohibits drivers below 18 years from accessing wireless communication devices. That’s why the car accident attorney always reminds parents to strictly supervise theirs under 18 drivers.

The following are the exceptions to the distracted driving laws of Utah that may apply;

  • Drivers younger than 18 can use their mobile phones only when reporting criminal activity, medical emergency, or food hazard assistance.
  • The law permits texting if the driver applies voice-to-text technology. It should be hands-free.
  • The driver can use the hands to disable and activate a hands-free device.
  • The driver can use navigation systems like the GPS.
  • The distracted driving laws do not apply to law enforcement officers and the emergency services workforce.

Robert J. DeBry & Associates is Utah’s original personal injury law firm. In case of an accident involving distracted driving, you may need to contact a car accident attorney. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates we offer free consultations to those inquiring about help. To contact us, visit our website or call (801) 699-9999. 


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