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Cell Phone Usage Laws in Utah

Distracted driving laws implemented in Utah strictly prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. It is illegal to use a cellphone while driving unless if you’re using it for GPS purposes or hands-free voice talking while driving. 

Cellphone Use and Exceptions

Under Utah law, car drivers are Prohibited from engaging in the following written/ texting communication such as:

  • Texting messages
  • instant messages
  • emails
  • dialing a phone number
  • using the internet
  • recording a video
  • viewing a video
  • entering data into a cellphone

The law does have some exceptions which include:

  • Voice communications
  • Emergency communications such as reporting criminal activity 
  • Acting within the course of employment for law enforcement and emergency workers

Distracted Law Penalties

There are penalties for breaking distracted driving laws in Utah. Here are some penalties.

Standard First Offense

This is usually a class c misdemeanor and its maximum fine is $100.

Repeat Offense and Injuries

This is when a prior distracted driving offender strikes again within the following 3 years causing bodily injuries to others. This is considered a class B misdemeanor and carries 6 months of jail time and a fine of $1000.

Offenses Involving Death

If a distracted driving offense leads to the death of a person or people then the offender can be convicted of automobile homicide which is a second or third-degree felony. This conviction carries a fine of up to $10,000 and 20 years in prison time.

A driver’s license can be suspended for up to three months and a distracted driving conviction can add up to 50 points on the offender’s license.

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