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UDOT Facts – The Law when Passing other Vehicles

The laws in Utah are clear in regards to lane usage, yielding the right-of-way, and passing other vehicles. Most car accident lawyers will tell you that many crashes occur because of neglect or violation of these laws.

Single Lane Traffic

If the traffic is in a single lane in each direction, and a driver approaches a slower vehicle in front of them, they may overtake the vehicle in front of them but only after adhering to specific guidelines. First and foremost, the driver should also check for highway markings or signs designating a no-passing zone and heed those directions. Once that is clear and the driver is a passing zone, they must check the opposing traffic lane by cautiously viewing if there is sufficient distance to assure no oncoming traffic will become a hazard. Any hilltops, curves or other obstructions can hide the presence of a vehicle and potentially cause a collision. This process can be dangerous, so it is important to proceed with caution.

The Left Lane

If the highway has two or more lanes moving in the same direction, the driver desiring to pass must move to the left lane and obey all normal traffic laws. If there is a vehicle occupying the left lane and traveling slower than the passing vehicle, they are required by Utah law to move to the slower right lane and allow the faster vehicle full access to the left lane. At no time is it legal to pass another vehicle on the right. All slower traffic is required to move right and allow the faster vehicles access to the left lanes for passing.

Potential For Accidents

Whether due to ignorance of the law or by defiance, many people still do not pass safely or allow others drivers access to the designated faster lanes. Traffic laws are designed for all drivers to follow uniformly, keeping the flow moving efficiently and effectively. When a driver chooses to disregard the law, accidents often happen. If you find yourself the victim of an accident due to a passing situation, be sure to contact a car accident lawyer for help.

Your rights under the law can provide you with a proper settlement to care for your needs from the accident. A car accident lawyer can counsel you regarding your particular situation, and help you in your recovery. Call into Robert J. DeBry for a free consultation at 801-699-9999.

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