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67% of Utah Accidents Happen on Dry Roads

Automobile accidents can happen under any conditions, but sometimes the statistics can be surprising. For example, while most people consider wet roads to be a common cause for accidents, the truth is, about 67% of all Utah car accidents actually take place on dry roads. Most car accident lawyers will tell you that in order to stay safe, you must stay aware under all conditions.

False Sense of Security

Summertime brings us bright skies, sunshine, fresh air and plenty of outdoor activities. Your visibility is increased, the highways are dry and open, and you feel safer than at any other time.

The truth is, the 100 deadliest days for automobile crashes in Utah fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year. Those clear, summer days turn into great tragedies for many; and for the unaware, there is the potential for trouble around every turn. A car accident lawyer can help you if you find yourself the victim of such an accident, and help get you the settlement you need to recover.

The Dangers

While summertime translates to fun in the sun, there can often be either a rush to get to the activity you plan to attend or a sense of safety under the sun and her blue sky. Nonetheless, there are still some common factors that still take place during the summer months. These are some of the most common:

  • Driving Under The Influence. Summertime is party time for many, and the temptation to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can come crashing down on anyone who tries.
  • Aggressive Driving. Lots of activities mean more time in the car. Getting from one place to another quickly can cause a driver to push limits and take chances. Aggressive, careless driving is a certain recipe for disaster.
  • Distracted Driving. One of the biggest problems on the roads today is distracted drivers. It’s easy to pick up that cell phone and allow your eyes to leave the road – although that split second can be all it takes to cause a life-changing crash. If you become the victim of a distracted driver, be sure to contact a car accident lawyer and discuss your options.
  • Driving Sleepy. Too much going on, cramming too many activities, and staying out late can trigger a bad situation for a tired driver. It’s not worth the risk. Get yourself fully awake and alert before you get behind the wheel.

The summertime is for time outside surrounded by those you love, but if you are in an accident, don’t let the stresses of becoming a car accident expert in order to prepare for any case you may be involved in take you away from the fun. Let one of our car accident lawyers here at Robert J. DeBry help take that stress away from you.

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