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Accidents in the Right Lane

The right lane, reserved for slower traffic, is often considered to be the safest lane on the road, accidents actually occur in this lane more than one would expect. While there isn’t much data from UDOT or other national driving associations in regards to tracking which lane accidents occurred in, there are some who claim that the most accidents happen in the right lane. This may come as a surprise to some, but there are a plethora of reasons as to why this may be. In any case, if you have an accident in the right-hand lane you may want to hire an experienced car accident lawyer to help navigate the legal complexities of such an accident.

One of the most common right lane accidents is caused by frustrated motorists attempting to gain an advantage over slower drivers as they merge onto or exit from busier highways and interstates. Since the right lane is both legally and culturally reserved for slower motorists, sudden accelerations and jerky movements in the right lane can spook slower drivers. Even if a motorist comes quickly up from the right to pass drivers in the middle lane, the flow of traffic can be disturbed. The chance of a motorist gently easing into the right lane—to turn right or exit the freeway, for instance—and getting sideswiped by a speeding motorist in the right lane is high.

Finding a qualified car accident lawyer can help here. There are many motoring laws and statutes, but often these statutes and rules need interpretation. At times, the laws are written specifically for lawyers to interpret. For example, the idea of “flow of traffic” is a notion that has no codification in law, but it used quite frequently in legal argumentation. Having a solid car accident lawyer with the experience and ‘know-how’ can help bring a professional confidence to a legal claim involving your right lane incident.

One of the reasons that right lane accidents are tougher to litigate is because many of the right lane customs are just that: norms. They do not have specific legal meaning, and the responsibility of motorists in the right lane is ambiguous across state jurisdictions. Again, a qualified car accident lawyer will help sort through the legal complexity and find a just and fair agreement to any contest between parties involved in a right-hand lane accident.

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