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The Dangers of Speeding in Winter Weather

As we prepare for the winter coming in a few weeks, this means we have to prepare for the weather. Whether it’s snow, icy roads, rain, or hail, there are things we can do to be safe.

Winter Weather Dangers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 17% of all vehicle accidents occur during winter weather. The NHTSA recommends getting your car ready for the winter with regular vehicle maintenance check-ups all year round. They also recommend getting snow tires before the winter weather starts as well. They added that driving slowly is also a key factor in preventing accidents. The challenge in speeding or going too fast is the inability to stop on a snowy or icy road. We are advised to increase our following distance with the car ahead of us, so we have time to stop and avoid accidents.

Winter Driving Tips

Here are some other tips and reasons to reduce your speed to avoid car accidents in winter weather:

  • It’s important to reduce your speed when in winter weather since it takes 10 times more to stop during winter weather.
  • Reduce your speed by 30% when driving on wet roads.
  • When driving on snowy roads, reduce your speed by 50%.

Reducing your speed improves your chances of getting to your holiday event or gathering safely.

However, there are times where you’re the responsible driver and still end up in an accident. You might be hit by a driver who did not reduce their speed and ends up rear-ending you causing damage to your car. You could have sustained injuries, causing you excruciating pain. If this pain prevents you from working or doing daily activities, you should contact a personal injury attorney to help fight for you.

The personal injury attorneys of Robert J. Debry & Associates can advocate for you to get the best care possible. They have 250 years of combined experience helping car accident victims build a solid claim, to seek appropriate compensation for damages and injuries. They can help you file a claim to get the necessary compensation to alleviate the stress associated with injuries from car accidents.

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