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How to Teach Small Children About Dogs

When a child first sees a cute, fluffy dog, his or her first instinct is to immediately run up to the canine. This situation can, unfortunately, end badly. Although a dog may initially appear to be friendly and harmless, it’s critical that you never allow your child to approach it unless you’re 100 percent certain that it’s not going to attack and/or bite.

However, children will be children — and if your child is bitten by an unfriendly canine, contact a dog bite lawyer to discuss your legal options and learn about dog bite laws in your state. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Provo, Utah or on the East Coast — teaching your child how to interact appropriately with canines can prevent a traumatic experience.

Ask Permission Before Approaching a Dog

Although there’s merit to familiarizing children with canines from a young age, it’s equally critical to teach them appropriate behavior when approaching an unfamiliar animal. Teach your child to ask a dog owner before approaching; not only is this polite, but it also gives your child a clear answer regarding the nature of the canine. If your child receives a “yes” answer from a dog owner, but unfortunately is still bitten by the animal, contact a dog bite lawyer. Any dog has the potential to attack — whether in Provo or elsewhere — and appropriate precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of your child.

Don’t Provoke an Unfamiliar Canine

In addition to teaching your child to ask before approaching an unfamiliar animal, it’s beneficial to teach children how to interact appropriately with a canine. Pulling hair, hitting, punching or kicking are all actions that can provoke a canine into becoming hostile. And although many children don’t realize that their actions are harsh, it doesn’t matter — a dog will still react. A dog bite lawyer can help you explore your legal options if your child unintentionally provokes an unfamiliar dog.

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