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The Most Dangerous Roads in Utah

From snowy, mountainous passes to hot and dry desert conditions, the beehive state has some downright treacherous roads. Pair that with your typical Utah driver and you’ve got a recipe for disaster — or a nasty auto accident that might necessitate a call to your lawyer. Whether you’re driving on the I-15 to St. George or Provo, here are the most dangerous roads in Utah, according to KSL.


One of Utah’s longest and most-traveled highways is also home to a rather large quantity of car accidents. Running through the state from north to south — through populous cities such as St. George and Salt Lake City, and with higher-than-average speed limits — it’s no wonder the I-15 is home to so many auto accident fatalities each year: 38 in 2015, to be exact.

U.S. Route 6

Although the winding, twisting U.S. Highway 6 between Price and Spanish Fork, Utah is considerably more safe than it was a decade ago, according to local news outlets and lawyer professionals alike, the rural highway still claims many an innocent life each year. In 2014, a whopping 256 people died on the 6, with record numbers of truckers and national park enthusiasts alike trying to get to their respective destinations between the highway’s treacherous twists and turns.

U.S. Route 89

Originally established in 1926 as State Road 89, U.S. Highway 89 is one of the oldest main thoroughfares in Utah. The highway, which bisects the state north-to-south, is another popular route among national park enthusiasts, and those seeking the warmer climates of St. George and nearby Arizona. However, the route is also prone to both injuries and fatalities, with 18 deaths recorded in 2014.


One of the longest and arguably the nation’s most boring highway, Interstate 80 runs from Wendover in the west through to Salt Lake City. The longest stretch between exits, between Wendover and Knolls (37 miles) is littered with signs warning drivers of fatigue and drowsiness. You might have to call an auto accident lawyer if you drive too long on this one — there were 15 reported fatalities on the Utah section of this Interstate in 2014.


Starting in Baltimore, Maryland and ending at a stretch of I-15 near St. George, Interstate 70 is another highway prone to auto accident injuries and fatalities in the beehive state. Despite not running through any major urban areas, the highway is one of the more dangerous in the state, with eight fatalities in 2014.

Utah’s highways may not be the most dangerous in the nation, but neither are they a walk in the park for unsuspecting motorists. Avoid an accident and a call to your local lawyer by exercising caution and practicing safe driving techniques.

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