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Staying Safe Around Fireworks This Fourth of July

Fireworks and the Fourth of July go hand in hand. As much fun as lighting fireworks in Farmington, Utah can be, they can lead to serious injury or even wrongful death if they are not used properly. Every year a lawyer gets called after a fireworks accident that would not otherwise have happened if those using the fireworks had listened to these safety tips. Getting injured on Independence Day is one of the few ways our nation’s great holiday can be ruined.

Alcohol and Homemade Fireworks

If you have consumed any alcohol during the day, stay away from the fireworks. Let someone who has not been drinking light the fireworks. Never make your own fireworks either. The combination of these two things could be deadly — and could even lead to the wrongful death of someone you know in Farmington. Before the holiday starts, put someone in charge who is not drinking to make sure that no accidents happen.

Safety Glasses and Water Buckets

In order to stay safe while lighting off fireworks, wear safety glasses so that no debris gets into your eyes. Along with wearing safety glasses, keep a bucket of water nearby in order to stop a fire or greatly reduce the chances a bad firework goes off after initially failing to light.

Firework Laws

Farmington has firework laws specific to its city area. Before buying fireworks and lighting them off, make sure that you understand your local ordinances. In some cities, fireworks are only allowed on the Fourth of July, and it may be illegal to use more dangerous fireworks that could potentially end in a wrongful death.

Listening to these safety tips will help keep you out of a lawyer’s office after the holiday. If you decide not to listen to the safety tips, we at Robert J. DeBry & Associates have a lawyer that can help you get out of whatever mess you may get into. Watching fireworks is something that everyone enjoys on Independence Day, so stay safe and enjoy them with all of your friends.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety’s Recommended Safety Tips:

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