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How to Host a Distracted Driving Intervention

We all have that one friend that we’re afraid to get into the car with because they bad habit of texting and driving or engaging in other distracted driving activities. Distracted driving can easily result in an auto accident — luckily, we at Robert J. DeBry & Associates are here to help you stage a distracted driving intervention. Once this intervention succeeds, every driver and lawyer in Salt Lake City will thank you.

Planning the Intervention

The planning of the intervention is very important. Everyone has seen movies and TV shows that feature big signs that read, “Intervention!” Unfortunately, this is probably not the best idea. It will shut out your friend before the intervention even starts. Come to the intervention prepared with examples of your friend’s previous distracted driving behavior.

What to Say

Whatever you say, do not attack your friend. This will only cause your friend to get defensive — which is sure to fail to get your message across. Approach your friend with articles and research on the consequences of distracted driving, and explain that you are worried for your friend’s wellbeing. Show your friend examples of how much it can cost to hire a lawyer after an auto accident in Salt Lake City.

Tips to Stop Distracted Driving

Arguably the biggest distraction that can cause an auto accident is texting and driving. The best way to stop this is to tell your friend who is the target of the intervention that he needs to turn off his phone while he is driving. If your friend likes to eat breakfast or drink his morning coffee in the car, tell him to instead wake up five minutes earlier so that he does not have to rush. It could save his life.

After your intervention, every road in Salt Lake City will be safer. Yes, telling people to stage an intervention for distracted drivers to help reduce auto accidents is not normal for any personal injury lawyer. Luckily for you, we are not like those other guys. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we aim to eliminate the accident before it happens.

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