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Can Ski Patrol Be Held Liable for Accidents?

The Good Samaritan laws can be tricky to navigate if you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of your rights. The laws are in place to better protect individuals from being sued for wrongful death when they give assistance to someone who they believe to be critically injured or ill. Salt Lake City has integrated its own addition to the laws due to the high percentage of fatalities occurring at ski resorts.

Ski Patrol Works Together With Local Authorities

It is impossible for a full fleet of emergency vehicles to get to an accident in the middle of the mountains. Because of this, the resorts use ski patrol. Ski patrollers are safety professionals who assess the scene and then transport an injured skier or snowboarder to a resort’s clinic. They may then contact the local Salt Lake City Hospital if further precautions need to be taken. If there is a casualty during this process, ski patrollers are protected from being sued by a skier’s lawyer because of the unique addition that Salt Lake City has included in its Good Samaritan Laws.

The ‘Good Faith’ Clause

Under Utah law, any person who is a registered member of the National Ski Patrol System is exempt from liability if he or she is acting in good faith. Additionally, a ski patroller who has completed a winter emergency care course with CPR is exempt from being sued for wrongful death. This also means that if an individual is certified and makes the decision not to perform emergency assistance, he or she is not guilty if wrongful death occurs. This is important because many skiers choose to become certified for their own safety, while they may not themselves be active ski patrollers.

However, if you feel that a ski patroller who provided care for you was negligent, contact a lawyer — as negligence is not covered under the Good Samaritan Laws. A lawyer can also help you further understand the Good Samaritan laws if you have any questions.

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