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How to Stay Safe While Hiking

The generously dense snowfall from this previous winter in Salt Lake City, Utah is still showing a few signs of its lingering existence. Just because it is summer now doesn’t mean the remnants of the winter snow doesn’t pose a continuing threat for injuries.

Take caution while hiking this summer; it can be dangerous due to the high-flowing rivers. Slip and fall injuries are common, even in the hot months. To avoid having to call a lawyer, learn how to stay safe while in the mountains and near high winter runoffs.

Hikers: Be Careful

The peak river flows from the last five to six years are lower than this season’s runoff. This is because the hot temperatures approached the state quickly, which melted the snow much faster than usual, resulting in the high-flowing rivers. Not only is the water this season moving exceptionally fast, but it is also viciously cold. People aren’t used to it so they don’t know what precautions to take in order to avoid injury.

Tips to Keep You Safe

A few people have already been killed these last couple months due to high waters and a few people have even been swept away after jumping in to save someone else. People with the Unified Fire Authority advise people to not jump in after someone who have fallen but instead call 911 immediately. The faster rescue crews can get there the better chance the person has of survival. The best advice is to stay away from the rivers all together. If you want to hike, go somewhere without the threat of rivers and high waters.

Don’t let a fun and adventurous day outside turn into the worst day of your life. Stay away from any high-flowing water sources so you can avoid calling a lawyer for a slip and fall accident or even death.


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