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Should You Hire Family or a Non-Related Lawyer?

Accidents happen. Whether you were involved with a car accident, got a severe dog bite, or experienced a personal injury, an attorney is necessary. Your uncle is a well-known lawyer, and you like his work ethic. You trust him, and know that he’s a great lawyer. You’re tempted to ask him to help you out with your case, but you’ve heard that working with family, no matter what the circumstances, is a bad idea.

Here at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, located in many offices including Salt Lake City, we want you to find a great fit, and have the best experience after a traumatic one.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we believe that finding the right lawyer is extremely important. We have a reputation of standing up to insurance companies and protecting injured victims throughout Utah. We firmly believe that through our passion and expertise, we will be able to get you the most money from your accident, and leave you feeling satisfied. Since we specialize in helping you in accidents that weren’t your fault, we think we can give you the best experience.

If you were involved in a personal injury accident and your family member who is a lawyer isn’t a specialized in personal injury law, you may be taking a risk hiring him or her to help you with your case.

Is It Legal?

Yes, lawyers are free to represent their family members. However, it’s not always advisable. Since lawyers are deemed to be professions who should remain unbiased, which may be difficult if they take on a family member’s case. If there happens to be a problem within the case, there may be hurt feelings causing tension within the family.

We want you to have a great experience, and hope that you choose us because we know we can deliver.

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