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Famous Wrongful Deaths

Wrongful deaths can be seen across news headlines in Salt Lake City as well on the East Coast. The deceased’s family can hire a lawyer and sue an individual or company for what they believe to be a wrongful death. Though these cases can happen to anyone, here are a few involving famous individuals.

Michael Jackson 

The death of the Prince of Pop, Michael Jackson, surprised everyone. In 2009, Jackson was found dead in his L.A. home due to what seemed like a drug overdose. However, Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, thought otherwise.

Joe Jackson hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael’s physician for his drug injury. The medicine Dr. Murray prescribed wasn’t recommended to be taken in large doses — the dosage prescribed is what killed Michael. The trial ended with Dr. Murray paying the Jackson’s a sum of money.

Jenni Rivera 

Latin musician, Jenni Rivera, died in an airplane crash in 2012. The airplane crash took the lives of seven individuals. Rivera’s husband, Esteban Loaiza, found the crash mysterious. In 2014, Loaiza decided to file a lawsuit against the aircraft owner for unspecified damages; the lawsuit will take years to settle.

Ford Motors 

Back in the 1970s, Ford Motors came out with a brand-new Sudan called the Pinto. The Pinto was popular, affordable and had the gas tank located at the rear of the car. However, once the vehicle was involved in a rear-ending car accident, explosions would occur. This resulted in many wrongful death cases, which required many a lawyer. Soon, after accidents started to occur, the model was recalled.

Nancy Grace’s Guest 

CNN talk show host, Nancy Grace, was sued back in 2006 by the family of Melinda Duckett. Duckett was a guest on the show. Grace confronted Duckett’s involvement in her missing son’s case on air. A few days later, the body of Duckett was found, and the cause of death was suicide. Duckett’s family sued Grace because they believed her questioning pushed Duckett over the edge. The case ended with Grace paying $200,000.

Whether you’re famous or you enjoy a simple life, a wrongful death lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve after wrongfully losing a loved one.


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