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Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Winter

Due to changing winter conditions, the risks of riding a motorcycle can increase. Slippery roads due to rain, sleet, or snow may cause a motorist to be involved in an accident. By understanding the safety tips for riding a motorcycle in winter, you may guard yourself against such risks.

Here are three safety tips to consider when riding in the winter:

1. Understanding the Risks of Winter Riding

As a rider, it’s important to understand motorcycle guidelines to avoid getting into accidents. Although motorcycle riding is less physically demanding, you still need good health, fitness, and strength to endure riding in winter. Some of the things to watch out for may include poor visibility, black ice, and potholes. Always maintain a safe following distance and since roads can also be slippery during winter, be sure to drive slowly. Lastly, ensure that you wear clothes that are visible from far.

2. Riding a Quality Winter Bike

As a rider, it’s good to invest in a quality winter bike. For instance, due to the poor visibility, find a bike with robust electrical systems for better lighting. In addition, a motorcycle with an ABS and traction system is safer because it handles low road traction in winter. With a good bike, a motorcycle attorney can easily win massive compensation in case something happens.

3. Wearing Appropriate Winter Driving Gears

Your safety is the most critical thing. Therefore, wear safety gear such as a helmet with a tightly sealed free face shield, goggles, hearing protection, rain suits, gloves, and comfortable shoes. Also, be sure to wear an additional jacket for insulation.

Additionally, before having a winter ride, ensure you have heated grips, enough antifreeze, adventure-style riding pegs, and a windscreen.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates we are concerned for the safety of motorcycle riders. In case of an accident, we have an experienced motorcycle attorney to assess the damages and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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