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5 Motorcycle Tips for Riding in 2021

Motorcycles are among the riskiest transportation means in the world. Picture this—about 42% of motorcycle riders get into an accident once in their motorcycling escapades. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we strive to protect and guide motorists on the best safety practices. And in the unfortunate event you encounter an accident, our motorcycle attorney will offer the legal counsel you need. 

Here are five motorcycle tips for riding in 2021:

1. Wear Full Riding Gear at All Times

Every time you get on your bike, it’s imperative to wear your full riding gear. A reflector jacket is vital as well, whether it’s scorching hot or bitter cold outside. Remember to wear reinforced rider boots with good ground grip.

2. Always Cover Your Face

Invest in a full-coverage helmet and a pair of goggles for your eyes. Harsh weather, dust, or even an insect can access your eyes and cause impaired sight.

3. Always Inspect Your Bike

Apart from regularly servicing your motorcycle, make a habit of inspecting your bike before setting off. There could be loose bolts, a flat tire, a loose chain, or an oil leak that could be a safety hazard to you or fellow motorists.

4. Take Breaks

If you’re planning on riding for long, it’s essential to take breaks to rest your body and mind. Many accidents occur due to fatigued motorists.

4. Be Cautious of Distractions

In 2021, various technology assets may cause distractions to motorists. Music from Airpods or other headsets or a text from a cell phone may distract you while driving. 

Have a Motorcycle Attorney on Call

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