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Safely Introducing Groups of Children to the Outdoors

One of the best parts of summer is the ability to explore the great outdoors that Salt Lake City has to offer. There are a number of ways to introduce and include children in outdoor activities through camps and classes. These usually involve a large group of children, but that does not mean that safety has to be compromised. Keeping children safe while in the wilderness is simple as long as you follow a few easy guidelines.


It is important that both the children and their leader are fully prepared before venturing into the outdoors. This means informing the children of the schedule, first-aid basics and other relevant information. Make sure that all of the children are properly attired as well. This includes footwear, as you don’t want any of the children to slip and fall while hiking. The dirt is very loose in the Salt Lake City area because the air is so dry. Children need to take precaution while hiking, even if they have the correct shoes.

Leader Placement

If the group of children is larger than six people, there should be two authoritative figures. One should lead the group in the activity and the other should follow directly behind in case one of the children is unfortunate enough to slip and fall. Having a leader in the back will also make the group more cohesive, rather than allowing a couple children to fall behind.

Physical Ability

It is effective to push children out of their comfort zone to an extent, but make sure the children are able to physically handle something more difficult. This is especially important with a large group because sometimes kids can become competitive with each other. For example, if a few of the children have no biking experience then you should remain on the easier biking trails in Salt Lake City. If you push the children too much then you will likely find yourself needing to hire a lawyer in order to create a settlement with the parents.

Remaining safe while in the outdoors is simple enough that it doesn’t require a rocket scientist or a lawyer, but it is extremely important. It is essential that everyone in the group is prepared before embarking, and that the activity chosen is within the skill set of the group. Taking precautions with the actions taken will maximize safety while minimizing injury.

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