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Do Dog Parks Make Your Dog More Aggressive?

Dog parks in the summer seem like a great place to take Rex out for some fresh air. Maybe that pretty girl down the street with the Irish Sitter will be out and about today. But it seems every year dog bite incidents are reported at or near dog parks, causing pet owners to ask: Does the local dog park make their beloved pet more aggressive?


One of the major reasons dog bite incidents are so high at dog parks in major cities like Salt Lake City is that the dogs in question don’t get to socialize with a lot of other humans and dogs. If your dog doesn’t get out much, the dog park will definitely help make him more aggressive, since to a dog a love bite and a mauling can sometimes seem like one in the same. In court, a lawyer will ask how socialized the dog was before the incident, so you should socialize Rex beforehand so an outing in the park doesn’t turn into a disaster. Take the pup to a training class or have more people over before a trip to the park.

Other Dogs

Besides other people, dog bite incidents can also be between dogs. Your dog needs to be socialized with other dogs before seeing the dog park. In Salt Lake City this can also happen at discipline classes. Let Rex have some dog friends, it’ll be something else your lawyer could ask you if you end up in court over a dog bite incident.

The Cause?

At the end of the day, the reason why more dog bite incidents happen at dog parks in Salt Lake City and other cities is because more dogs and people are congregated than in other places; as a result, the under-socialized dogs have more opportunities to drag their owners’ lawyers together. The best thing for you and your pup is to be aware of your surroundings and make sure Rex is comfortable around others.

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