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Phone Technology for Safe Driving

Technology has made a bittersweet impact on how we drive our cars. With how attached we are to our cell phones today, drivers in Provo are constantly tempted to use them for a number of reasons. Whether it is looking at maps, listening to music or answering a text message, driving distracted has been a large portion of the reason that an auto accident occurs.

Often distracted driving leads to a lawsuit involving a lawyer in order to receive the restitution that is due. The best way to avoid an auto accident and the need for a lawyer may be to use the new technology that is being developed to help drivers be more safe while driving.

Google Speak Texting

Most Android phones today are equipped with a feature that allows the phone to know when you are driving and will place the phone into a responsive mode. This means that if the phone receives a notification such as a phone call or a text message, the phone will alert the driver without even needing to be touched. It will then speak the text out loud if the driver wishes and will also allow them to text to talk respond if they wish to as well. It works the same with answering a phone call as well. All of this can take place without the driver ever needing to touch the phone.

Car Integration

Another useful method of making your phone less of a distraction while you are driving the streets of Provo are all of the phone connectivity options that are coming standard with newer cars today. These standards have proven to help drivers avoid an auto accident and the need for a lawyer. The technology in the car allows you to connect your phone through the main console in the car and control the features of your phone on the screen or hands free. These changes have been revolutionary for the safety of drivers in Provo and around the country.

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