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Coping With Psychological Damage After an Accident

So you’ve been in an auto accident. After you have been to the hospital, repaired your car and called your lawyer, is it over? For some, an accident doesn’t end when the medical bills are paid off. The screech of the metal, the feeling of spinning out of control, and the pain of the injuries sustained can have lasting damage — not only on the body, but also on the mind.

Back in the Saddle

Many people have trouble driving after an auto accident. The idea of going through the entire ordeal again, from wreck to hospital to lawyer, can be too much for a person to want to face. Take your time. Areas such as Provo, Utah offer alternatives to driving, such as the bus or ride sharing programs. Take advantage of these until you can talk to someone about driving again. Don’t drive in an unfamiliar area until you feel safe driving again.

The Scene of the Crime

If you get into an accident on a street you frequent in Provo, the first time driving by the scene of your accident — whether as a passenger or as a driver — can bring up resurgent feelings of terror. If you can help it, don’t go back to that area until you feel you are ready. Give yourself time to understand that what happened to you isn’t going to happen again — then when you do visit the scene of the wreck, have someone with you to talk to about what you’re thinking or feeling. Don’t drive by the scene of your auto accident alone until you feel comfortable.

Getting Help

If after some time you find yourself still feeling uncomfortable driving or have panic attacks thinking about going back to the scene of the accident in Provo, talk to a mental health professional immediately. You called a lawyer to settle the accident — hiring one more professional to get you through the psychological trauma can be just as necessary, sometimes even more so. Don’t drive until you are totally prepared to face the open road again, both physically and mentally.

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