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Be Prepared in Case of a House Fire

A house fire isn’t something families really plan for. They come at the time when you are least expecting it. Be safe rather than sorry, and create an evacuation plan now in case a fire happens inside your home.

You don’t want any of your family members to slip and fall, maintain a personal injury or worse a wrongful death. Know what can cause a house fire and construct an evacuation plan for you and your family.

Cause of a House Fire

The number one cause of house fires is cooking. Almost 42 percent of all house fires reported are because of action in the kitchen. Nowadays, many houses in the Farmington, Utah area have open-flame stoves. If left unsupervised, the intense heat from the flames can easily result in a fire.

Cooking utensils can catch fire rather quickly. Pay attention while you are cooking and never leave the stove unsupervised. If your house does catch fire from cooking, call an attorney to help you with your case.

Candles can cause house fires as well. About 18,000 house fires are caused by house fires every year. Most of these fires can be avoided. If you remember to blow out the candles before you leave the house, or trim the wick of the candle, you can easily reduce the risk of a fire.

Fire Escape Plan

Plan a night to sit down with your family and strategize a fire escape plan. Walk through your house as a team to find all the exits and escape routes. Install smoke alarms in every bedroom. Help everyone understand the escape plan. Choose a meeting place outside a safe distance away from the house.

Be fully prepared for a fire. If your house does catch on fire and a family member suffers from an injury, contact an attorney or lawyer who always keep your best interests in mind.


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