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The Long Lasting Risks of a Concussion

Football season has begun and whether you are watching your kids play, college athletes or the NFL, you may flinch every time a player gets hit. Concussions don’t just happen to athletes. They can occur when you slip and fall inside your home, get in an auto accident or skiing down a mountain — not even an attorney is safe.

If you have sustained a concussion and it wasn’t your fault, contact a lawyer to help you receive the compensation you receive. Know the signs of a concussion, so you or a friend doesn’t suffer from long lasting complications.


Right up the canyon from Salt Lake City, you can find the best ski resorts with “the best snow on Earth.” Many people travel to Utah to ski this great snow. At the same time, a large number also sustain a personal injury or two while skiing this world renowned powder.

If you or someone you know has suffered from a concussion, look for certain warning signs. The symptoms may not occur immediately, but within a couple of days. The injury can last days, weeks or even longer.

The signs you should look for are: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, slurred speech, headache, feeling of pressure in the head, confusion, feeling as if in a fog, ringing in ears and temporary loss of consciousness.


Be aware that there are complications that can occur if you suffer from a concussion. Some of these complications include post-traumatic vertigo, post-traumatic headaches, multiple brain injuries and second impact syndrome.

Some folks may experience dizziness or headaches weeks or even months after sustaining a concussion. If you suffer from multiple brain injuries in your life, you can develop lasting complications that could impair your function.

Keep you and your kids safe in any situation. If you or someone you know sustains a concussion, look for the symptoms. Regardless of how they sustained the injury, contact a doctor and a lawyer to help you with your case.


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