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Car Safety for Your Children

Auto accidents are a leading cause of death for children under the age of 13. Don’t allow your children to become a part of the statistic. It is important to understand the best ways to keep your children safe when in the car or during an auto accident.

If you or your kids are involved in a car accident in Salt Lake City, contact a lawyer to help you out with your case.

Car Seat

Be sure your kids are in car seats and that they are installed properly. If the booster seat is installed properly, it can reduce the risk of death up to 71 percent. It may take some extra time before pulling out of the driveway to guarantee your child is buckled in safely, but this is a life-saving measure.

It is important to keep your child in a booster seat until they have reached the height of four feet nine inches, or the age of 12.

Leaving Kids in a Car

Never leave your child alone in a car. Even if you are running a quick errand, take your child with you. Since 1988, 732 children left in vehicles have died of heatstroke. By the time it takes you to run in and out of the store, the temperature in the car can rise 20 degrees.

Seat Belts

Wearing a seat belt can be a matter of life or death. If you are in an auto accident, contact a lawyer. Make it a habit for you and your kids to wear seat belts. Be an example for your kids and wear it every time you get in the car.

Wearing a seat belt can save anyone’s life. Over 15,000 American’s lives were saved last year because they were wearing a safety belt. Every time you get in the car, check to see if your children have buckled up. If you or your child have been in an accident, contact a lawyer.

Be sure your child is as safe as possible when in the car. Don’t let an accident become fatal when they can easily be prevented.


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