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The Story of Richard Ramirez

Recovering from the sudden death of a family member or friend is hard; it can cause great grief and trauma to those left alive. This situation becomes more horrid when the deceased was a victim of a horrific rape and murder situation. If you have ever been through such a situation, getting justice for your loved one might help. You will require an excellent personal injury lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates.


The man was born in 1960, Ricardo Leyva Munoz Ramirez, in short, Richard Ramirez, nicknamed The Night Stalker. When he was 13, Richard broke into people’s homes. He also witnessed the murder of his cousin’s wife around the same time. After dropping out of High School, Richard moved to California, where he continued committing a crime and was imprisoned at some point for stealing cars.


On August 31st, 1985, Richard walked into a convenience store, not knowing he was the prime suspect for several murders until he saw his face in a newspaper. Richard had created a pattern of breaking = into people’s homes at night, and after raping the victims, he would beat or stab them to death. He would commit about 13 murders between 1984 and 1985. Fortunately, one of his intended murder victims had survived the excruciating incident and given his description to the police. Without knowledge, he continued to abduct and sexually assault children. The children, when questioned, described a man who resembled one whose description was given for an attempted murder case.


On the day of his arrest, he attempted to flee but was caught by an angry mob before the police did. He was beaten within an inch of his life, and by the time the police arrived, he could only be thankful for his arrest. If you have been a victim of rape or have lost a loved one through excruciating circumstances, get yourself a personal injury lawyer.


At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we have the most experienced and professional associates who will help you get justice for yourself and your loved one. Visit our website to consult with a personal injury lawyer today.


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