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Parking Lot Safety During the Winter

The holiday season is here and everyone is out and about shopping. There are so many people shopping, which also means lots of cars and crowded parking lots. Statistics show there are more than 50,000 car accidents in parking lots resulting in many personal injuries and even wrongful death.

Be smart when navigating through parking lots, especially during bad weather and the holiday frenzy here in Salt Lake City. If you happen to be in a car accident, contact a lawyer at Robert J. DeBry & Associates to discuss your case.

Parking Lot Accidents

Typical accidents that occur in a parking lot are slip and falls, pedestrian injuries and accidents caused by slippery driving surfaces. Slip and falls occur because there are icy conditions and puddles that are not always easy to notice while walking, especially in a busy parking lot. With the parking lots being so busy, it is easy to get distracted. Backing up accidents are about one-third of pedestrian accidents that occur. Slippery driving surfaces are a factor in pedestrian-vehicle accidents as well as car accidents. If you need help receiving compensation for the car accident you have been in, contact a lawyer today.

Problems in Parking Lots

To avoid problems in parking lots, there are some safety tips for drivers and pedestrians. Focus while driving and drive slowly through parking lots. It is also important to be patient while driving. Don’t rush through a parking lot. If you can, back up into your parking spot. It will be safer to exit when leaving. For pedestrians walking through parking lots, don’t assume that drivers will see you. Make sure you are visible and walk in groups whenever possible. Always look both ways before crossing the road and try to use sidewalks as often as you can.

Be safe when shopping this holiday season. When you are in a parking lot, be extra aware of pedestrians. If you get in a car accident, call a lawyer at Robert J. DeBry & Associates. Our lawyers have a combined 200 years of experience.


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