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What Kind of Injuries are Ski Resorts Liable For?

It’s that time of year, the locals of Salt Lake City and tourists alike are making their way to the snowy slopes if the Utah mountains. With Utah having the “greatest snow on earth,” it comes as no surprise that skiing, sledding, tubing and snowboarding are the most popular winter sports in the state.

While the winter season is a time for family and fun, many people often fail to take the necessary precautions to stay safe while out performing these activities. Personal injury accidents at a ski resort are more common than you think, but when is it appropriate to get your lawyer involved?

Who Was at Fault?
Ultimately, it comes down to who was at fault for the personal injury. Many resorts will often have rules and guidelines that each person must follow. Failure to follow these rules may lead to ejection from the resort, but that’s not the worst thing that can happen. If someone is being reckless on the slopes and causes a personal injury to another skier per say, the victim of the collision is entitled to an attorney.
This will ensure that the party responsible gives compensation to the person injured if they need medical attention and suffer damages.

If the resort fails to keep their guests safe, for example fails to properly maintain lodge entrances and ski lifts and someone is injured due to these reasons, the establishment is at fault. The injured person should now have their lawyer represent them in a case regarding the ski resort’s failure to keep them safe.

The only case in which an attorney will not be able to help someone who has faced a personal injury is if that person was at fault for their own injury due to reckless or negligent behavior.
If you or a loved one feels that they may have been victim to an injury in which you were not at fault for, contact our attorneys here at Robert J. Debry and Associates. We will do all we can to help you receive the compensation you deserve.


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