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Considering Law School

If you are finishing up your undergraduate degree at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, you may consider going to law school. You don’t know much about it, but you know lawyers do make some good money. Before you dive into the long process of applying to law school and getting into law school, understand what it takes to become a lawyer.

Why Do You Want to Go to Law School?

You see many TV shows about lawyers. Suits, and Law and Order make becoming an attorney look fun. Make sure you understand what becoming a lawyer is all about. You aren’t always going to handle big cases that involve murder and embezzlement. You will get cases that may just involve a car accident or a personal injury, depending on what kind of attorney you become. Whatever your purpose of becoming an attorney is, be sure you know why you want to go to law school. It will help in your application and motivate you when you are staying up those late nights to study.

How Bad Do You Want to Go?

Becoming an attorney isn’t something you just decide to do over night. You have to get through classes, internships and lots of debt. You have to get good undergraduate grades, do well on the LSAT and have plenty of experience. Going to law school is not easy. Understand what it takes to get to law school and everything you need to do in becoming an attorney.

What If It Doesn’t Work Out?

There are many people who take the bar exam to become a lawyer. Once you have passed the bar exam, you need to decide what areas of law you are willing to work in. Do you want to be a personal injury attorney, or deal with divorces? While you have your personal choices, you may have to consider working in a different field, or be willing to work in a different legal job.

Consider these three questions before you set your mind on going to law school. If it is a career path you want to go down, be sure you are prepared. Be sure you are making the right choice for yourself.


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