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What Is Permanent Damage?

Personal injury can get tricky when it comes to who’s at fault. The need to involve a lawyer to see what compensation you can receive and if you qualify for a claim can get complicated. From the streets of West Valley City, to the Big Apple, hundreds of victims are involved in accidents that they are not at fault for. Whether this is an auto accident or a personal injury at work, there is always a party responsible.

What separates these cases is if there is a permanent injury at hand. A permanent injury is when the damage caused by the accident is irreversible and lasts throughout the victim’s lifetime. It’s important to contact your local attorney if you or a loved one have been victim to permanent damage due to an accident.Our lawyer team here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates will help you receive the compensation you deserve for any personal damages you may have obtained.

Where Do These Injuries Occur?
Permanent damage injuries can occur anywhere, from the workplace to the road. Workplace hazards that can result in this type of injury include slipping, tripping, having cargo fall on you or even falling if you work in construction.

On the roads, collisions between vehicles, pedestrian accidents and environmental hazards are the main causes of injuries.

Other places that these injuries can occur include hospitals, private residencies and even public entertainment establishments, such as malls and restaurants.

Who Is Liable?
To determine who is liable, one must look at the cause if the accident. If you were harmed due to your own negligence in the workplace or on the road, you are held responsible and a case may not be in your favor. As a matter of fact, if you were responsible and the other party was injured, they may qualify for compensation.

If you were a victim of a permanent personal injury and someone’s negligent behavior caused the accident, contact an attorney and they will help you receive the compensation you deserve.



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