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Child Car Seat Laws In Utah

Utah’s child safety laws exist to protect children in the event of motor vehicle accidents. All motorists in the state must follow car seat laws when transporting children in their cars. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we understand that the safety and security of infant passengers are paramount.

The Seat Belt Fit Test is the foundation of child car seat laws in Utah.

What Is The Seat Belt Fit Test?

It is a simple test that measures whether or not a child passenger requires a car seat.

  • Place the child in the back seat with their bottom and back against the car seat’s back. If their knees bend at the seat’s edge, they do not require a child car seat. If they don’t, the child should get a booster seat.
  • When the child is in the car seat, buckle them with a seatbelt. If it rests low on their hips, they may sit in a car seat. If it rests on the soft part of their bellies, then they should stay in a booster seat.
  • Does the seat belt rest on the child’s shoulder/collarbone or the face/neck? If it rests on the face or neck, they should use a booster seat.
  • Can the child sit upright with the seatbelt resting on their shoulder and hip? If so, then they pass the test. If not, try again in a month.

Car Seat Laws And Regulations Are Changing

Thanks to more research and study, the laws and regulations around child car seats and safety continue to change. For instance, car accident attorneys now know that children under the age of two are 75% less likely to die or sustain severe injuries in a crash if placed in rear-facing car seats.

Booster seat laws were developed for officers, educators, and advocates to keep motorists and their children safe while on the road.

If you’re transporting children by car in Utah, be responsible and follow the car seat laws. To contact a car accident attorney, reach out to Robert J. DeBry & Associates for help.


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