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How Do I Know if I Have Whiplash?

After an accident, there’s nothing more important than your health. That’s why it’s essential to become familiar with the signs and symptoms of whiplash, a condition that can cause significant distress.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a type of soft-tissue injury caused by the sudden movement of the neck back and forth. This injury gets its name from its similarity to the cracking of a whip. Generally, symptoms will resolve within a week or two, but others might end up with chronic pain or other long-lasting damages. In long-lasting or severe cases, you may need a personal injury lawyer, like those at our firm Robert J. DeBry & Associates, to help compensate you for your damages.

What Causes Whiplash?

Although the most common causes of whiplash stem from rear-end automobile accidents, several other accidents can cause this condition. Physical contact sports, mainly football, can result in a collision that causes whiplash. 

What Are the Symptoms?

Whiplash comes with various symptoms, most notably, stiffness of the nack and a loss in your range of motion. More severe cases can cause you to develop headaches, dizziness, or fatigue. It’s also possible for sudden personality changes, like irritability or depression, to occur. You could also develop cognitive impairments like difficulty concentrating or issues with your short-term memory. In severe cases, retaining the services of a highly-qualified personal injury lawyer might be in order.

What Should I Do If I Have Whiplash?

After discussing treatment with your doctor, you may be entitled to compensation. That’s why it’s essential to get in touch with a professionally trained personal injury lawyer. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we specialize in personal injury and can help guide you through the process of receiving the compensation you deserve. 


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