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Most Common Truck Accident Injuries

While any type of accident involving a motor vehicle can be severe, a truck can be particularly troublesome. Although a variety of injuries can occur after an accident, there are often more common injuries following a truck accident. These can be devastating from a physical and financial perspective. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we can provide an expert truck accident lawyer for you after an accident.

Brain Injuries

Because of the severity of the impact, truck accidents more frequently result in a brain injury of one sort or another. This is because there are simply too many things that the head can come violently in contact with. Because brain injuries are so severe, medical attention must be sought immediately. This can also result in years of rehabilitation or disability, so a truck accident lawyer should also be consulted.


Unfortunately, many truck accidents end up in a fire or explosion. Because it is often difficult to evacuate from the vehicle in time, many truck accident victims are severely burned. These are difficult to treat, with many of them requiring multiple surgeries. 

Broken Bones

While many people have had broken bones in their life, the severity of such an injury is compounded with a truck accident. Not only is this extremely painful, but it requires expert medical care to set the bones properly and get them to heal.

Legal Expertise

If you have been involved in a truck accident, we can help you navigate the complex medical and legal landscape that you may be facing. Our firm, Robert J. DeBry & Associates, has years of experience. 

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