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Four Common Misconceptions of Hiring an Attorney

There are a lot of misconceptions about personal injury attorneys, court attorneys, car accident attorneys, criminal justice attorneys or any kind of attorney, but four misconceptions you should understand are as follows: You will not be charged if you lose the case, the cost is worth the hiring, consulting with an attorney outside of court cases is normal, and hiring an attorney will not prolong your case.

They Will Charge Me Even If I Lose

If you are in need of legal assistance in a case that deals with an accident, you should not wait to contact a personal injury attorney. Why? Because, you are not at risk of losing money if you lose the case. On the other hand, if you win, not only will you receive the money that you deserve, but the amount you receive will likely cover the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney in the first place.

Cost More Than It is Worth

Similar to the first misconception, people fear hiring a personal injury attorney (or any kind of legal representation) because they think it will take more time and cost them more than its worth. However, the reality is quite the opposite. With a legal team, the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, medical bills and opposing individuals is taken care of by your attorney. Like using an online service like Turbotax to receive your tax refund, the charge for services is likely not nearly as much as what you’ll receive in return.

They Only Practice in Court 

The image of hiring a car accident lawyer, personal injury attorney or other legal team specialists is that your case is going to be appealed in court. However, not every case is like what you see in the 90’s movie, Liar Liar. Legal teams are usually able to assist you out of court and will even come to your home to help you. In addition to this false imagination, some people think hiring a personal injury attorney for an accident will only make matters more serious and will escalate the situation until it must be taken to court, this is also false.

Hiring an Attorney Will Take Longer

Along with taking escalating the situation, people assume that it will prolong the situation—again, this is not true. A legal team will be able to step in and great straight to the point for you instead of going back and forth unsure about how to handle to situation. Legal cases and circumstances do not work like construction—law firms like Robert J. DeBry care for your situation, but also want to help you get life back on track as quickly as possible.

Whatever the assumption is that you have about hiring a personal injury attorney for your accident, do not let it hinder you from consulting us today. We will not get paid until you do, so for any questions about our services and your circumstance, contact us today and we will dispel any misconception and get on track with your case.

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