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Top Four Qualities to Look for in an Attorney

When you are looking to hire an attorney and want the be assured they are the best, there are FOUR qualities to look for: competence, knowledge, good communication and a sincere care. These four qualities are applied to all attorneys; whether it is a personal injury attorney or a criminal justice attorney, the qualities should be shared by all attorneys.

1. Competence

The first quality on the list is competence. Your attorney should be capable of the case you present and to be sure they are, look to the skills they possess or do not possess. The skills a competent attorney should have are analytical, research, speaking and perseverance skills. A competent personal injury attorney, for example, will be able to analyze the situation, conduct proper research, present his findings with refined public speaking, and the ability to persevere when an unexpected challenge arises. This one quality may seem like four in one, but to be competent, an attorney must have the skills needed to handle any case. You should not have to worry about whether or not you can rely on them. 

2. Knowledgeable

In order to work in Law in the first place, individuals MUST have an understanding of past court cases—if they do not, then they will not pass the required Bar Examination that certifies their legal position in court. However, this is not like a history test in school that you cram for and then never use again; car accident attorneys, personal injury attorneys and criminal justice attorneys alike will rely on this knowledge throughout their careers. The more they understand complex court rulings, the more they will understand how to handle abnormal cases and protect your rights.

3. Good Communication

Once they pass the test of skills and knowledge, they need to have exceptional communication. If you find yourself an attorney that is competent and seems to have been present for all the court rulings since 1776, that is great—but if they do not do their part in communicating with you or the third-parties involved, then they fall short of being the best attorney. In the end, you may not mind if they are not the best, but you will definitely want an attorney that will communicate frequently and easily with you.

4. Caring

Call it cliche, but without a doubt, all clients want an attorney that truly cares about them and their case. If a personal injury attorney has the three mentioned qualities but is otherwise uninterested, it will not help the stress of everything surrounding your accident or injustice. A caring attorney really caps off the list. They will help you feel at ease and then go the extra mile in your behalf.

The combination of these four qualities will ensure you with the best attorney out there. So, if you have been injured in an accident, faced a personal injury, or require legal assistance for any other case, Call Robert J. DeBry and Associates for the most competent, knowledgeable, communicative and caring personal injury attorneys.


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