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What it Takes To Be an Attorney

There are three things that you must understand in order to know what it takes to be an attorney: education, mental ability, and what it is that they do.

An Attorney

You hear the word all the time—attorney, but what does it actually entail? There are personal injury attorneys, car accident attorneys, criminal justice attorneys, court attorney, city attorney, justice attorney and more. These are just titles. In the end, the definition of an attorney does not change: “One who is legally appointed to transact business on another’s behalf.”  To explain a little beyond the dictionary definition, an attorney is an individual who knows the complexities of the law and will go to court in the defense of their client. However, attorneys can also advise others in legal matters without the need of going to court.


In order to become an attorney, individuals must embark on a higher level of education. Not only must students graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree and solid scores along the way, they also need to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the State Bar Examination. The LSAT is designed to test proficiency in reasoning and comprehension while the Bar grants those that pass a license to be an authorized officer of the court. The Bar Exam differs from state to state but will test aspiring attorneys and lawyers on their knowledge of past court cases. 

Every law school is different and thus their requirements will vary, however, it is safe to assume that superb scores will be necessary. When a law student prepares to take the Bar Examination, they can expect to study up to eight hours a day for several months. Once law students are finished with their schooling, they will apply to law firms and companies of their choice. Again, the better the law student scores, the better the chances they will have to find a job with a good company.

Mental Capacity

While this last section isn’t necessarily a requirement like education is, without the mental ability to understand, assess and cope with all the other past court cases and future situations of clients, it is near impossible to be an attorney. Usually, people think that education is all it takes, but being an attorney takes the ability to research, analyze, and unmeasured drive to argue for other’s rights. The pressure alone to succeed is overwhelming, but with the right confidence and wits, it is manageable.

Personal injury attorneys, car accident attorneys, court attorneys, criminal justice attorneys or whatever area an attorney specializes in, they got there through diligence throughout their academic life and reside there because of their mental makeup. So when you consult with a personal injury attorney or lawyer, rest assured that they have what it takes to care for your case.  And if they are with Robert J. DeBry and Associates, they most certainly have the experience too.

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